Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is there an Early Bird & Regular fee?
A: We want to encourage people to register early. Therefore the Early Bird Fee is very attractive. One should register before February 15 2019 to make use of this attractive rate. From February 16 onwards, the registration fee will be 370 euros.

Q: When is the Student rate applicable?
A: If you are enrolled in a Bachelor, Master or PhD programme at the moment you register. Please be aware you have to be able to show proof of student status.

Q: How can I inform you about dietary needs?
A: Please include this information whilst registering: in the registration form there is a question about dietary needs information, so we can arrange appropriate catering.

Q: Can I cancel my registration?
A: Until May 1 2019 you can cancel your registration and receive a full refund. Unfortunately after this date we will not be able to refund your registration fee.

Q: Can I change my registration, for example add the farewell dinner to my registration?
A: You can change your registration online until May 1 2019. Please be aware that later requests for changes in your registration may possibly not be granted.

Q: Are day passes available?
A: When the programme is announced in Spring, day passes will also become available to attend just one day of the conference. 

Q: Can you help me find a hotel?
A: We will provide some suggestions on this website by the end of 2018. Accommodation in the neighborhood can be found through websites such as and other options. The address of our main venue is: Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, Mauritskade 63 1092 AD Amsterdam.

Q: When will information on the programme be provided?
A: We will inform you on this website about the week schedule, the exhibition visits and other social events we have planned for the conference week. Please check the website regularly for more news.

Q: Will there be a social programme for accompanying persons?
A: We can provide accompanying persons with information about museums and other things to do in and around Amsterdam, our conference desk during the week will also be available for questions with that nature. We do not organize one social programme for accompanying persons, as we anticipate people will have their own various lists of things they want to do during the week.

Q: Can you send an invoice directly to my institution for payment?
A: Yes we can provide your institutional affiliation with a digital invoice. Please contact the organizing committee on and include specific details such as the requested cost centre etc.

Q: Are the pre-conference meetings part of the official programme of ICHC?
A: No, the pre-conference meetings are organized by other organizations. We did plan these events in consultation to make sure you can participate in the different events. The Friday meeting (12 July) is organized by ICA Commission on the History of Cartography and Utrecht University Library, the Saturday meeting (13 July) is organized by ISCEM and Leiden University Libraries. You can register for the ICA-meeting through And for ISCEM you can register through our ICHC-registration form.