ICHC statements of purpose and scope

1.1. Statement of Purpose

The International Conference on the History of Cartography [ICHC] is the only scholarly conference solely dedicated to advancing knowledge of the history of maps and mapmaking, regardless of geographical region, language, period or topic. The conference promotes free and unfettered global cooperation and collaboration among cartographic scholars from any academic discipline, curators, collectors, dealers and institutions through illustrat­ed lectures, presentations, exhibitions, and a social programme. In order to expand awareness of issues and resources, each conference is sponsored by leading educational and cultural institutions. Conferences are held biennially and are administered by local organizers in conjunction with Imago Mundi Ltd.

1.2. The Scope of ICHC

Each ICHC provides a forum for all scholars, both academic and lay, who are interested in the ex­ change of research findings and ideas about the history of cartography. All papers must primarily concern the history of cartography, i.e., the interdisciplinary study of maps, their making, and their use in the past. Participation from other academic disciplines—art history, history of science, geography, literature studies, cultural history, etc.—should therefore be actively encouraged. Papers that concern only related subjects (e.g., historical geogra­phy, the history of discoveries, and the use of maps for current political argument or for specific information about past landscapes) would not be considered to fall within the history of cartography.

1.3. The Elements of ICHC

Each ICHC features academic and social pro­grammes. The academic programme has three major components: (1) the paper presentations, each twenty minutes in length (before questions and comments), grouped together in thematic sessions; there are three (perhaps four) papers to a session, and some sessions might be specially organized; (2) a poster session; and (3) at least one exhibition. The social programme may be comprised of receptions, a farewell dinner, and events or tours for accompany­ ing persons. Post­conference tours may also be offered. In addition, recent conferences have included a pre­conference day featuring meetings organised by ISCEM and ICA’s Commission on the History of Cartography. Potential organisers can refer to the accompanying document, The Series of International Conferences on the History of Cartog­raphy, for information about previous conferences.