Travel grants

The American Friends of the J. B. Harley Research Fellowships, Inc. is delighted to support participation at ICHC 2019 through the provision of travel grants. The grants will cover all, or part, of each recipient’s direct travel costs to Amsterdam. Conference fees, accommodation costs, and other expenses cannot be covered.

Each application must contain:

contact details, including a working email address;

an explanation of the need for support;

a statement of the impact the conference is likely to have on the applicant’s scholarly or profession­al career; and

a detailed budget of the probable travel costs to Amsterdam.

An application for the travel grant must be submit­ ted to the conference secretariat at the same time that an applicant submits the proposal for a paper or poster presentation, session or workshop (see conference schedule for the deadline!). Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. All applications must be in writing and submitted through the conference secretariat.

The selection committee consists of the directors of the American Friends of the J.B. Harley Research Fellowships, Inc. The committee will select potential recipients of the travel grants from among the applicants whose papers or poster presentations have been selected for ICHC 2019 (the award will be

rescinded if the applicant withdraws from present­ ing the proposed work). The decisions concerning the travel grants will be based on the applicant’s need and the expected quality of the applicant’s contribution to the conference. Awards of travel grants will be made without regard to the nationali­ ty, ethnic origin, gender, religious affiliation, age, discipline, or profession of the applicants. The committee will endeavour to notify applicants by 18 January 2019.

Successful applicants will write a short report, due to the chairman of the American Friends of the J.B. Harley Research Fellowships, Inc. by 30 September 2019, describing how the travel grant was expended and how ICHC 2019 contributed to their professional development. The report must be accompanied by receipts for all travel costs covered by the award.